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Holm Court Services

We provide the highest quality service in the athletic court and track construction industry. We can transform any tennis or pickleball court into an inviting, professional space. hold tournaments and athletic events with pride knowing your court will look its very best!

New Construction

Build Your Ideal court

We build professional-level athletic courts for tennis and pickleball and track events. Your spectators will have plenty of room to enjoy a great view of the court and all of the action.

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Revitalize your court

Our resurfacing services are second to none. Rejuvenate your tennis or pickleball court, breathing new life into your athletic space.

We can resurface and revitalize your court, renewing the space for atheltic venues and public use.

Complex builds

Does your space present some unique challenges when building a new tennis or pickleball court?

We will survey and evaluate the available space and create a tennis or pickleball court that maximizes utility and available space, while giving athletes a great space to play safely.