Available in a variety of sizes, installation friendly imported fiberglass is suitable for cost effective crack repair and whole court overlays.


The RiteWay Crack Repair System is a long-term repair system that uses exclusive technology to permanently repair cracks in court surfaces. The system allows cracks to move silently beneath the color surface.

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NGI Sports Whole Court Overlays

TitanTrax is an excellent whole court repair and prevention option for existing and future cracks. Upgrade to ProBounce for additional court play improvement.

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Sport Patch (Deep Patch)

Sport Patch is a highly workable 100% acrylic latex binder. When mixed with Portland cement and sand, it produces a low-settling and semi-flexible patch ideal for depressions over 1/4″ deep and filling cracks larger than 3/8″ wide.

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AcryGlue is a ready-to-use glue specifically designed for modern fabric and fiberglass crack repair systems. It maintains crack system flexibility while reducing the likelihood of cracking.

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Color Crack Filler

Color Crack Repair is a 100% acrylic trowel grade crack filler for filling cracks up to 1” wide on tennis, pickleball and other sports surfaces. It is a flexible and tinted, sand-filled acrylic latex patching compound to repair cracks on surfaces that don’t need a resurfacing. Available in Player’s Choice Colors.

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